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    Import Debian changes 1.6.54+git20160429+1-0parrot1 · 20e55405
    Lorenzo Faletra authored
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429+1-0parrot1) testing; urgency=medium
      * Import updates from Kali.
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429+1-0kali1) kali-dev; urgency=medium
      * Import new snapshot (including mitmproxy version 0.17.1 to keep a
        compatible version with current w3af, version 0.18 breaks w3af, see
        bug 3692)
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429-3kali1) kali-dev; urgency=medium
      * Import from debian
      * Add a patch to be work with new version of mitmproxy: libmproxy replaced
        by mitmproxy (since version 0.17, not in debian yet)
      * Replace the depends on xdot by python-xdot: xdot is only for python3
      * Add a minimal version on depends python-darts.lib.utils.lru to manage the
        update from python-darts-lib-utils-lru to python-darts.lib.utils.lru
      * Add a Breaks on kali-menu << 2016.3.1
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429-3) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Add gbp.conf file
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429-2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
      * Move to pkg-security
    w3af (1.6.54+git20160429-1) unstable; urgency=medium
      [ Luciano Bello ]
      * New upstream release Closes: #711866. Master's head on 2016-04-29.
      * New upstream website:
        - Watch file updated.
        - Homepage in debian/control.
        - python-pypdf dependency was removed. Closes: #763975.
      * Manpage draft added.
      * New Standards-Version: 3.9.8
      * debian/copyright: XDot url updated.
      * Migrating to dh_python2. Closes: #703686.
      * X-Python-Version: >= 2.7 Closes: #703042
      * SQLmap embedded copy removed.
      * Plugins' tests removed via -X /plugins/tests/.
      * Removing GUI files (w3af/core/ui/gui) from w3af-console and adding
        it to w3af binary package.
      * Copyright file purged.
      [ Gianfranco Costamagna ]
      * Fix insecure VCS fields
      * Drop menu file, per CTTE decision
    w3af (1.6.54-0kali2) kali; urgency=medium
      * Fix debian/control to amend X-Python-Version: >= 2.7 as required by
    w3af (1.6.54-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * Import new upstream release (Memory usage improvements)
      * Update debian/rules to use dh $@
    w3af (1.6.51-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * Import new upstream release
      * Refresh patch
    w3af (1.6.49-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * Import new upstream release
      * Add depends: python-markdown, python-vulndb
    w3af (1.6.46-0kali2) kali; urgency=medium
      * Update the minimal versions in debian/control
      * Update the depend: msgpack-python is replaced by python-msgpack
      * debian/control: add tcpdump in Recommends
      * Add directory docker in ignored files for building source packages
    w3af (1.6.46-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * Fixing bug to avoid dead-lock in docker environments
      * Including missing file info_set.py
    w3af (1.6.45-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * HTTP response parsers are now run in a different process
      * Added support for SSL's SNI using OpenSSL
      * Added support for scanning servers with specific SSL protocols disabled (poodle)
      * Added new platforms to the dependency check
      * Run w3af inside docker http://docs.w3af.org/en/latest/install.html#installing-using-docker
      * Updated sqlmap
      * Performance improvements in core classes
      * Improved profiling capabilities (internal use only)
      * Improved exception handling to catch more descriptive tracebacks
      * Added new plugins for web sockets and RFD
      * Better error handling for HTTP requests
      * Huge reducion of memory usage in phishtank plugin 
      * >100 bugs fixed
    w3af ( kali; urgency=medium
      * New (minor) w3af release
      * Improved socket error handling
      * Fixed ~15 different bugs
    w3af ( kali; urgency=low
      * New (minor) w3af release
    w3af ( kali; urgency=low
      * Fix dependency checks
    w3af ( kali; urgency=low
      * Added python-ply as a dependency
    w3af ( kali; urgency=low
      * Imported new upstream release
    w3af ( kali; urgency=medium
      * Merge lost changes from 1.5-0kali2.
    w3af ( kali; urgency=low
      * Upsteam import
      * Fix package for w3af 1.6 path changes
      * Include python-halberd dependency.
    w3af (1.5-0kali2) kali; urgency=medium
      * Enable proper byte-compilation of /usr/share/w3af in all packages.
      * Cleanup old unmanaged .pyc files in /usr/share/w3af and drop remaining
        empty directories. (FS #1018)
    w3af (1.5-0kali1) kali; urgency=medium
      * New upstream release.
      * Update watch file.
      * Refresh all patches and drop obsolete patches:
        - dep-a-la-deb_01_nltk.patch
        - dependecies-a-la-debian.patch
        - disable-pybloom.patch
        - remove_pybloomfiltermmap_import.patch
      * Add new dependencies: python-bloomfiltermmap, python-phply, python-xdot,
        python-ntlm, python-guess-language, python-nltk, python-esmre,
        python-pygithub, msgpack-python, python-cluster, python-cluster,
        python-lxml, python-pdfminer, python-git, python-scapy, python-clamd,
        python-concurrent.futures, python-six.
      * Adjust rules files to cope with new file layout.
      * Update list of documentation files.
      * Add new patch disable-os-package-check.patch to silence w3af about
        missing Debian packages that are only required if you install stuff
        via pip (which we don't since we have everything packaged).
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